Curtains are our original specialised subject and where it all began for us.

Manufactured here in Townsville (and in a reasonable timeframe!), we are able to create beautiful curtains in any style and heading you would like.

With close on 500 fabric hangers and books to choose from, not only can we can help thermally insulate your home, provide soft flowing sheers for a delicate effect, manufacture formal custom pelmets or swags and tails to suit any residence or application, we can also help with getting the children to sleep longer at the weekends! For added convenience, many fabrics are machine washable.
If you can imagine it (or even find a picture on Pinterest, Instagram or the web!), we can create it.

See in store for our full range and comprehensive advice, or phone us for an in-home consultation.

    Banding on leading edge and hem                   Floor to ceiling                                           Flowing linen sheer

    Florence Broadhurst partner

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